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edna.jeff {married}

Classy classy classy. That is a perfect word to describe Edna and Jeff. I can’t think of anything they didn’t do to thank their friends and family – and even their vendors – on their wedding day. Selflessness ebbs from them as they are so quick to put others before themselves and so quick to laugh and enjoy every moment of every day.

We had an absolutely delightful time at the Sheraton; the staff is spectacular and the location is one of the greatest in San Diego. If anyone’s looking for a great venue, I would HIGHLY recommend taking at look at the services, views, and, again, the staff an what’s offered there – it’s great and has quickly become one of my favorite places to shoot because of the aesthetics and people that are drawn there.

You’ll see a few tender moments here; Edna’s reaction to Jeff’s first look at her; you’ll see Enda walking down the aisle with her sweet father; you’ll see some crazy randomness with their friends and family and their Guest Shoot. To top it off, they did a, shall we say, very ‘non-traditional’ first dance (you’ll see the shot below); after all, any couple that plays, ‘Walking on Sunshine’ as they make their way from the altar has to be a blast, right?

Edna, Jeff. Thank you. Enjoy a few weeks of decompression before you make your trip to Paris ~