client {feedback}

I had a very kind potential client in Colorado email and ask for a few referrals before booking– people I’d worked with in the last 6 months. I sent an email out to them and here are a few replies.

I really do get to work with amazing people.


Dear Nicki-

My name is Jon Frazier. My wife, Becca, and I got married in June, and we used Eric and Chris for our photography and videography. Eric said that you were considering him, and asked that I send you a referral.

Becca and I loved working with Eric and Chris. Eric guided us through the process and made some recommendations that we were so grateful for. When we needed to add items or change services he was easy to work with and exceeded our expectations.

On the day of our wedding, Chris was involved in a car accident. They made sure that a back up videographer was in place, and went above and beyond what was required to make sure that we were happy with their work.

The quality of their work was amazing. Eric would post a few shots and video clips on facebook for all our friends to see. We were showered with compliments on how great the pictures and videos were. When we went to make prints and a photo book, the guys at Inkley’s raved over the quality of the pictures. It was fun to make our friends jealous over how great everyting was.

Most of all we loved their work. We really felt like they captured Becca and I perfectly. One of the things that we really liked was that Eric would do some traditional wedding shots, but also got some more artistic and contemporary shots that really took the portfolio to the next level. The video was amazing too. We were fortunate enough to compare some raw footage to the finished product. The editing was amazing! I just can’t express how great the video was.

The most surprising thing to us was how much fun it was to work with Eric and Chris. These guys are so easy to work with and have a great sense of humor and style. At the wedding, our families were so impressed with how they were able to manage the group, be patient with high strung people, and still capture the day perfectly. We’ve run into them on a few occasions, and they’re fun to talk to and we consider them friends.

I know this is going to sound cheesy, but the only problem that we’ve encountered is that there are so many great shots, that we’ve had a hard time picking which ones we like best. They made the wedding picture process so easy and wonderful that we’ve recommended them to all our friends.



Hi Nicki,

I’m Jenni, and I got married on Jan 2 at the Sheraton Hotel & Marina in San Diego. The Sheraton routinely works with various vendors for special occasions, and Izlas Imaging is one of their recommended photography vendors. Eric was personally recommended to me by the Sr. Catering Manager I was working with at the Sheraton.

I cannot begin to tell you how positive my experience was or how happy my husband and I were with the exceptional service we received from Eric and his team. I met Eric for lunch a few months before my wedding just so we could meet in person before the wedding. Eric just exudes positive energy and professionalism. He’s so friendly and kind, and he’s such a pleasure to work with.

My husband, Joshua, and I received multiple compliments from our wedding guests about how impressed they were with our photographers regarding how involved they got with our guests and the quantity of shots they took throughout the day. Additionally, Eric put together a photo montage (slideshow) of Joshua and I, and it turned out beautifully!! Eric put in a lot of additional time at no extra cost to us to make sure that the photo montage was just the way we wanted it. That is an example of spectacular customer service. Obviously, I would highly recommend Eric and his team to you. They are extremely professional and fun to work with!

Best wishes with your wedding,



Hi Nicki!

My name is Courtney. Eric Richards emailed me today saying that you were considering using him for your wedding. That is such a great idea! Eric is wonderful. My husband and I got married 7 months ago and we love our wedding pictures and video.

Our engagements were fantastic. We have a few up in our house right now and they look great. Really good lighting and color and everything.

Our wedding ones are also great! The pictures were wonderful, but I want to emphasize how great it was to work with him. Eric is such a down to earth fun guy and that is a big part of why I chose him. Not only is his work amazing, but he is so fun to be around. On your wedding day you don’t want some weird or irritating guy around, you want someone who is fun, outgoing, and easy to get along with. That is Eric. He is also really great to work with up until the day of the wedding.

He was always available to talk and answer any of my concerns. It was really nice working with him and I definitely would recommend him. Chis is also a really nice guy and has a similar personality where he is easy to get along with.

My wedding video was awesome. He did a fantastic job putting the film to music and making it flow. Again though, as with anyone you choose, be sure to let them know what you want to include in the video.

These two will definitely be willing to work with you and give you what you want. They are also really reasonably priced for the great work they do!

So I hope this helps you. I remember making all these decisions too. I’m glad I chose Izlas!



Hi Nicki,
I know my husband already sent you an email about how incredibly awesome Eric and Chris are, but I had to put my two cents in too!
When we were trying to find a photographer we did our research and checked out several websites, but weren’t convinced to go with anyone of them (they were nice, but they didn’t speak to us if you know what I mean) and then my sister’s friend suggested we check out Eric’s website and we fell in love with his pictures immediately. They were different and incredible and really seemed to catch the moment. That was exactly what we wanted, but we got so much more in the end.
Both Chris and Eric were wonderful to work with- our families loved them and they were able to get the little kids to be happy in the pictures, but they caught so many other candid moments that made the whole experience so much more real and that added so much to our wedding. We LOVE our video and we LOVE our photographs!!
I think it would have been a real regret to have gone with anyone else, and though we might not know what we were missing, at least now we don’t have to wonder. You wont regret working with Eric and Chris if that’s what you decide and I highly recommend them to anyone and everyone!! Good luck and congratulations! Marriage is wonderful!


I would be happy to talk to you about the absolutely positive experience Christy and I had with Eric for our wedding.
Eric is extremely accommodating and very pleasant to deal with… true, but his skills as a photographer were better than we could have hoped for.

I have not shown my wedding photos or wedding video to ANYONE who has not commented on how great the final product is. The color, the composition, and the feeling he captures is amazing.

Another part of the deal here is how Chris and Eric conduct themselves at the actual wedding events. They put our guests at ease with humor and patience. On the other hand, you forget they are there because they do such a good job at staying in the background while capturing every moment you hope they do.

Please do not hesitate to give me a call at 801-209-xxxx if there are any other questions I can assist with.

Hello Nicki!!!

My name is Karina and I was a bride in 2009. We love to look back and reflect upon that beautiful day. We are able to do that with beautiful videos and great quality, colorful pictures. I can’t tell you enough how much I look at the videos and especially my wedding picts. We are so lucky that we had chose to go with Chris and Eric. They are simply amazing and talented.

Eric brings out the beauty in the colors of the picts and is able to capture the magic in the moment. Pictures were a great hit with friends and with families as gifts for Christmas because of how beautifully they were done. People still comment our pictures and our wedding videos as well.
I tell you pictures are simply amazing and are worth a thousands words. Eric can definitely help capture the it all for that specal day and leaving you friends and families commenting them months after the occasion.

You definitely want to have a video of your wedding day. It shows the whole entire story and you’ll love re-living that day after watching it. I highly recommend a video, you won’t regret it. Also Chris is simply an amazingly talented videographer…I posted my videos on the web and my friends and family just loved watching them.

If you want great quality for a great price and no regrets….Please go with Chris and Eric. Their talents will blow you and everyone else away. I have never regreted working with these guys. They are smart, talented and oh so so nice. They also captured the beauty and memories of my wonderful day.

You won’t regret it.