manu.ashley {married}

Wow – what a beautiful day in Vegas! Manu and Ashley are classy — start to finish, it was thank you after thank you after thank you to their friends and family and vendors; they make everyone feel like a million bucks. Classy is the best word to describe them. Those characteristics, coupled with Manu’s playing college football and Ashley competing collegiately on the volleyball court and you have just a tremendous couple.

I shot with Ryan on this one – I love that man. We have a ball anytime we get to work together; he does tremendous work and he’s a true professional. We did a little Guest Shoot following the small luau program presented by the little cousins (you’ll see one of my favorite silhouette shots of their dance below).

We headed out to the East deserts from some great shooting; nothing beats a gorgeous couple in red rock country and blue sky. My wife has voted them (well, mainly Manu, sine he and I look very much alike) as the best looking couple of the season.

Enjoy your Mexican Riviera cruise, Mafi’s, and enjoy this sneak peek upon your return.

stop.motion {video}

I had some fun with a fourth camera on the last shoot- it’s called Stop Motion Video and it’s kinda fun. It’ll never replace true video, but the feel is pretty awesome. Over 1000 pics were used for the 4 min video. You gotta tell me what do you think! {corporate}

Just a few corporate images for K Salon — they have quite a staff, warm and friendly and even made me, a boy, feel 100% comfortable! 🙂 I don’t know when I’ll schedule a peticure, but if I ever do, this is the place for me – lol. Enjoy!