Candid Shooting (click here)

Here are some tips for being candid around the camera.  First, forget that I’m there.  So hard to do but 100% possible.  Relax.  Relax your shoulders and hands and just enjoy each other.  As funny as it sounds, avoid too much touching around the face and neck; when people come together in front of the camera, quite often they feel a subconscious desire to look for anything distracting in their partner, be it eye goobers, hairs out of place, etc.  Just relax and enjoy each other.  Finally, just interact with each other– just flirt and laugh and loosely hold hands — a little snuggle — little simple romantic stuff — just super loose and candid and totally in to each other, unaware of what’s going on around you.  When I say, ‘Just do your thing’, I want you two to be you.  I will ask you to mix your expressions; I want to get quite a few smile pictures, but I want to tone it down and get some simple expressions as well, a few with more subdued looks to them.  Oversmiling can distract from a shoot, so we’ll mix it up a bit.  Again, candid looks amazing and really highlights your personality and relationship and that’s my goal as I shoot.

I would like to mix up the shoot here and there; I’d love to have you guys do some very simple smiles, some very big laughing tonsil shots, some more romantic moments that are relaxed, some random walking shots, some personality shots, etc.  So plan on mixing it up with me as directed.  🙂

ONE WORD OF CAUTION.  🙂  Kissing!  I want to do a few kissing shots but I don’t want to overdo it.  🙂  Also, I’ve had quite a few couples wherein one of them, when I ask to have a kiss, goes in with mouth wide open and it looks like they are gonna swallow their fiancee whole!  🙂  So… we’ll focus more on soft friendly kisses than the makeout shots, lol.



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