Fred Ball Endorsement

Fred Ball endorses Izlas Imaging

At the age of 13, Eric Richards discovered he had an interest in photography. Using his grandfather’s old Pentax, Eric shot photos while he was in high school, and his interest continued to grow. After returning from serving a mission for the LDS Church, Eric had friends in the industry who helped him get his start. He launched Izlas Imaging in 1996 and has been going strong ever since.


As a native of San Diego, Calif., Eric tells me he takes what he calls a “West Coast” approach, which focuses on key elements critical for a timeless photography portfolio. These include the use of light, capturing candid expression, utilizing creative angles and the use of neutral space. Eric’s approach has been welcomed by bridal parties, families and corporate clients alike all throughout the Cache Valley, where his studio is located.


The West Coast approach is akin to a type of photojournalism, or telling stories through photos. Eric says he has a photographer’s eye which enables him to shoot anything. Clients repeatedly tell him he has a knack for capturing personality. Most of his work has come through referrals from satisfied clients.


Eric tells me the biggest changes to his business in the last 12 years are more a result of the industry than personal business decisions. The transition from film to digital was a major difference as well as going from posed imaging to a more contemporary look. The Internet has made it possible for photographers to display their work online for anyone to see, which makes networking easier.


Eric feels the quality of photographs has increased exponentially in the last 10 years, and he anticipates it will continue to do so. He does his best to stay up on current photo trends and says what distinguishes his business the most is not only his photojournalism approach but also his use of light and ability to capture personality.


For Zions Bank, I’m Fred Ball.


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