Top 10 things that make ‘Izlas’ different.

Top 10 things that make ‘Izlas’ different.

Candid Shooting.

My approach is candid photojournalism with izlas an emphasis on emotion, lighting, and unscripted moments. I have a team of candid shooters that do an outstanding job at capturing those moments that occur so quickly and are gone in a flash.

Experience all over the world

Each year, I shoot from Mexico up to the Canadian border, from California and Hawaii, back East to New York. This variety simply keeps me fresh and I never approach the same event the same way.

A Truly Unique Style

Focusing on elements such as light, expression, circles, lines, candid moments and things that define you. my approach is very different. Photography is art and I shoot under that premise. You’ll quickly see that it’s a very clean and fresh photography style.

A good name

I’ve shot for years and have grown a very reputable company and name. ‘Izlas’ means ‘Islands’ and reflects my Polynesian roots; it is the ‘Island Spirit’. It means mutual regard and affection and caring with no obligation in return; it’s about understand true feeling and emotion and total kindness. That is who I am.

Copy Release on Images

Yes. clients love it! It saves hundreds of dollars and I prefer that you enjoy your entire portfolio throughout your life rather than your pictures sitting on the Izlas harddrive.

Competitive pricing

In our Global Economy, destination photography is totally possible – and you can choose from a world of photographers rather than those that only live in your same town. I love to offer discounts if I have not been booked on your day. Look at the website; look at the images and rates; then, let me bid your event. You will get a great product at a great rate.

A superb print deal

Other companies make a whole lotta money on prints ~ and I don’t. I allow my clients to print through the professional lab without the large markup; rather than paying the average $10 (5×7) or $30 (8×10), you just pay pro lab costs ~ $2 (5×7), $4 (8×10), $10 (11×14) or $20 (16×20), etc. You will just pay without typical markup with Izlas.

Photo and High Definition Video

If you are seeking full coverage, we can cover both photo and video. The video is available in High Definition and looks absolutely stunning. Having a team cover the event guarantees continuity and a fluid experience, start to finish.

Not your average Grumpy Wedding Photographer

I will provide contact for you from any couple I have ever shot. Period. I much prefer to let you hear from people that have worked with me start to finish to know what type of an experience you’ll have. Below are some random emails and blog comments that have come in.

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