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by Eric D. Richards

Website Hits: 1.7 million

Facebook Fans and Friends: 2,048


Amazing Planning/Details:  Austyn and Ciera



Corporate Shoot:  Gaucho Grill



Location Location Location:  Kate and Kody



Most Viewed on the Blog:  Lynzee and Tyler



Gracious Couple:  David and Faith



Bridal Shoot:  Amanda



Family Shoot:  Cox Boys



Product Branding:  Candi Locks by SideKx



Family Style:  The Keslers



Stunning Sunset:  Eric and Amanda

Best Planning:  Brittanie and Brady



Favorite Cake:  Mike and Elise



Sweetest Mustaches:  Kelly and Channing



Beautiful Red Hair:  Jenny



Crazy Fun:  Mark and Maribel



Best Wedding Party Friends:  Gabe and Mary



Thank you Ryan Anderson for being my go-to buddy and best friend.  Thank you Lyndi and Chelsea for being the world’s premiere candid shooters.  Thank you Chris McClain for being the world’s best videographer.  Thank you Magen and Cali for your masterful graphic design.  Thank you Delta Airlines for getting me to every wedding on time (100% on-time record, by the way).  Thank you Ben Chrisman for your amazing inspirations.  Thank you Google Reader for making my life so easy!  Thank you Think or Swim for helping me grow my money.  Thank you People of Walmart, Sexy People, and Awkward Family Photos for keeping me laughing.  Thank you Jeopardy! for being my favorite TV show.  Thank you Today I Found Out for keeping my Jeopardy skills alive.  As always, a big thank you to my sweet wife for her support and holding down the fort and raising great kids at my side.

As usual, here’s the yearly Year In Pictures…










and 2011 Honorable Mention (go grandma!):

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